Do you know the difference between the customers you HAVE and the customers you WANT?

Do you know what customers spend the most money on the product or service you provide?  These are the customers you WANT.  Learn where they live, what they do for fun, what they do for a living, the cars they drive, etc.

In today’s Two Minutes with Troy I discuss how future-proofing your business is about moving your customer base from the customers you HAVE to the customers you NEED to grow the business.


About Troy Hazard: I am the founder/owner of 12 businesses over the last 25 years, current CEO of Troy Hazard International, author of the book Future-Proofing Your Business, and the former Global President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. I have been a franchisee twice and a franchisor while consulting with over 300 brands in 6 countries. You can find me on Twitter @TroyHazard.