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In recent weeks I have had an influx of emails and posts on my social media streams about, “the 5,3,6,or even 10 things successful people do / don’t do.” Many of them are clearly written by people who don’t really understand what success means. So here are my Top 5 for you: 

The Top 5 things successful people DON’T do…

  1. They don’t write down the top 5 things they do to be successful. It’s not the number of things you do, it’s the manner in which you do them.
  2. They don’t post what successful people do on Facebook, as they don’t assume ‘success’ means the same thing for everyone.
  3. They don’t always have a balanced life where they eat well, run marathons, have time for family, and meditate. ‘Balance’ is a consciousness, not a line item on a list.
  4. They don’t always rise early and turn in early for a good night’s sleep. They do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, until they are done.
  5. And they don’t manage their success via a list of habits. They are habitual by nature, they simply live by successful habits. 

The Top 5 things successful people DO…

  1. They are driven.
  2. They are relentless.
  3. They are resilient.
  4. They are focused on their future, and that of their families.
  5. They are PERSONALLY accountable for their vision and the execution of the strategy to achieve that vision.