Troy – I’m here to find out why I have been charged $175 overdraft fee when I don’t have an overdraft?

Bank – Yes?

Troy – I’d like you to refund that please.

Bank – Well, I can’t do that here sir you’ll have to call customer service.

Tory – Call customer service? But I am standing here… In the outlet… At the bank… In person… Talking to you…In your office…With my statements in hand… The branch where I opened the accounts.

Bank – Yes I know Mr. Hazard but I don’t have that authority here.

Troy – So you’re saying that someone I don’t know, that’s never spoken to me, and has no idea about my account other than what comes up on their screen has more authority to deal with me than you do, my local banker, at my local branch?

Bank – Yes sir.

Troy – You’re kidding right?

Bank – No sir, I do not have the authority to talk to you about that (as my card is handed back).

Troy – So I need to go and call this number then.

Bank – Yes sir, that’s what you will have to do.

What COULD have happened –  “let me call them for you now and tell them what you are seeking to sort out, OR, let me dial the number for you and put it through to that courtesy phone over there so you can talk to them while you are here, OR, let me talk to them first and give you a reference number so you won’t have to go through all of the explanation when you do call, OR let me find someone at customer service that can help you so you won’t have to waste time on the phone.”

But noooope… here’s what DID happen – “here’s your card sir, go call them, good luck!”

What subsequently happened – we found a new bank!