As I travel around the world speaking to business owners I’m frequently asked, “How can I hire good people?”   In today’s Two Minutes with Troy I reveal the five steps for our “Ready, Aim, Hire” process:

  1. Be the last to interview the candidate. As the business owner, you only want to spend time interviewing people who you truly feel can be a part of your business.
  2. Never read a resume. No one ever has a bad resume. Instead I want people to tell me their story and the highlights of their work history.
  3. Circle back to a story.  During the interview I will circle back to a question I’ve already asked, possibly 10 minutes prior, to see if I get the same response. If the answer changes, it can alert you that the candidate may be exaggerating or even lying.
  4. Talk about business vision and values – not blue skies. Instead of discussing how wonderful our business is, I realistically discuss where we see the future of our business going and the personal values of the people who can help us get there.
  5. Hire in truth  not fear.  If you’ve had an exhausting day of interviewing candidates and aren’t really excited about hiring any of them, DON’T.  Don’t settle for the “best out of the bad bunch.” If you do, you could hire the wrong person and then spend the next 6 months trying to fire them.