What Customers Are Looking For

Customers are the same all over the world – the key is to understand the transactional drivers. Everybody in business is selling something and your customers want these 5 transactional drivers: 1. Good quality brands and people to deal with. 2....
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Where to Start when Developing a Business Plan

When developing their business plan people will typically (and incorrectly) focus on marketing.  They think: “If I have sales, then I will have money, then I can hire people, and that will grow the business.  What you should be focussing on...
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Five Things to Consider when Buying a Business

After recently buying into my 12th company, I was reminded of these five basic things to keep in mind when buying a business. The first one is something you should NEVER do and the 5th one is something you should ALWAYS do. ALWAYS…Start with the...
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Creating Your Personal Plan

If you understand your personal plan and purpose, then it will give your business greater purpose. Too often a small business’ strategy is scattered and unfocussed, largely because the principal is also scattered and unfocussed. If you are scattered...
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Are You a Fan of the Plan?

You’ve heard the say, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Today we have to plan faster. Trying to create the perfect plan often leads to procrastination. Instead of trying to create the perfect plan, plan to be perfect by focussing...
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Have You Made These Business Blunders?

If you’ve started a business, you’ve made mistakes. Here are 4 mistakes I’ve made and what I learned from them. Being more concerned with business development than customer/client development. Most money comes from your existing customers....
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