Discussing the First Presidential Debate between Clinton & Trump

As a recent guest on the Big Biz Show, we discussed how both candidates performed on the first debate – and how they will address small business issues.   About Troy Hazard: I am the founder/owner of 12 businesses over the last 25 years, current...
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Business Networking that Makes You Memorable

Do You Network in the Nude? Are you afraid to market yourself? Whether you are interviewing for a job or promotion, starting your own business or just enjoying a social event you don’t have to feel like you are being pushy by networking effectively....
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How to Choose an Accountant for Your Small Business

With the 12 businesses I’ve owned and operated around the world, I’ve come to  understand the importance of finding a good accountant. For example, I have an accountant in Australia for our day-to-day company business, an accountant in the USA...
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Should You Make New Year’s Resolutions?

So it’s 2016 and you’ve already looked at your list of New Year’s resolutions and no doubt said, “it’s been a busy start to the year, so I’ll start next month.” Yesterday on Facebook I did a little social experiment and poked...
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Planning a Leadership Retreat

To align your business vision and goals it helps to take everyone offline for a few days. A leadership retreat allows you and your team to really focus on what you want to achieve in 2, 5 or even 10 years. To make your leadership retreat efficient...
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Should You Buy a Business or Build a Business?

When building a business the first priority is to have clarity of vision from start to finish. Know what the business looks like at start-up and what it will look like when it’s time to get out. When buying a business you must first focus on how...
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