Biggest Challenge for Small Businesses

Business is driven by fear and greed. When things are going well, the market gets greedy. When things aren’t going well, the market becomes fearful. In today’s Two Minutes with Troy, I reveal the biggest challenge facing small businesses:...
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Thinking of Going into Business with a Family Member?

If you’ve recently spent time with family you may have talked about your job – or desire to change jobs – and the idea of going into business with a family member seems like a good idea. After all, you KNOW them – and TRUST them. As someone...
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Establishing Distinctive Customer Connection

Your competitors aren’t always your competition! Do you know who or what your REAL competition is?  To be more distinctive in serving your customers, understand what is competing with the money your customers might spend with you.  Your competitors...
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Does Your Business Plan Have a Purpose?

Do you know what your business plan really means to you? Do you know what is driving you to be exceptional in your business? You need to know!  
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Planning a Leadership Retreat

To align your business vision and goals it helps to take everyone offline for a few days. A leadership retreat allows you and your team to really focus on what you want to achieve in 2, 5 or even 10 years. To make your leadership retreat efficient...
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Should You Buy a Business or Build a Business?

When building a business the first priority is to have clarity of vision from start to finish. Know what the business looks like at start-up and what it will look like when it’s time to get out. When buying a business you must first focus on how...
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